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February, 27 - March 4
Matapalo Mansion, Liberia Cosa Rica


*The price ($1,945) includes: 5 night/6 day stay, airport transfers, on-site meals, training, take home tools & resources.

Join us and tap into your Intuition at the Beautiful Matapalo Mansion near the luscious Blue Zone of Costa Rica for a live changing experience. Discover how to take control of the chaos and return with tools for a balanced life leading to purpose and passion!

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My purpose in life is to guide people to find their

inner self, true identity, the spiritual you, the who;

often becomes lost in the day to day stresses of life.

Some women often put their own needs on the back

burner and nurture everyone else first.

Since 2016, I’ve helped my clients rediscover their

identity. Often times we attach our identity to our

career, relationships, and/or titles.

Understanding your behavior patterns and diving

into how you attach your identity to those patterns is

life changing. Refocusing on you and taking time to nourish self isn't selfish it is generous to self and others.

By transforming your patterns you can take charge of your happiness.

As a certified Health and Life Coach, We can address your physical and emotional needs. Through this balanced approach, We can find the energy and identity you've lost. It’s time to start nurturing your body and soul again.

Be Amazing in your body!




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MaryAnn Bradley

Transformational Health & Life Coach



My mission is to help others overcome their

obstacles in life and career by demonstrating the

endless possibilities in my own Voyage. Life deals

us a hand of cards and we must learn how to play

or stay stuck. I never wanted to believe this. I

instead believed there must be a fair and just way

to live in creation.

My childhood was full of adversity yet I managed

to overcome many obstacles and climb the

corporate ladder with 2 small children in tow.  

My passion to change the direction of my legacy was fueled by fear and anger. Challenges would affect my career, but more importantly my relationships. Worldly success wasn’t enough. I started practicing yoga and searching for balance in all areas of life. My self-worth has positively developed, and arrogance has nearly diminished.

I currently enjoy the patience and peace I see and experience it myself with my grandchildren. It’s unbelievable how time heals things. I would attribute that to lots of prayer, yoga, and a few hard knocks! I love to travel, even alone, and look forward to seeing more of this creation.

If you can Dream it, You can Be it! 



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Christal Dixon

Truth Seeker, Writer & Speaker



 Nourish your Purpose and Passion

Join us in the safety of Nature's Paradise and work with Coach MaryAnn Bradley to access your natural intuition.


What is included in the $1,945 Package? 

$1247 Value

6 day stay at the Luxurious Matapalo Mansion overlooking the Papagayo Peninsula in a gated community

$750 Value

Meals for the entire stay

$120 Value

Complimentary transfers to and from the Liberia International Airport and the Matapalo Mansion

$397 Value

Intuitive Coaching instruction from MaryAnn outdoors on location

$247 Value

Breathwork practice and Ice Bath Demonstration


Mastermind time with Christal, MaryAnn and other attendees

Price Breakdown

Everything & More:

Meals, Reiki, Excursions etc.

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