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MaryAnn Bradley

Transformational Health & Life Coach

Since 2016, I’ve been helping my clients discover their true selves. Through understanding habits and lifestyle choices, you can take charge of your happiness.

As a certified Health and Life Coach, I can help address your physical and emotional needs. Through this balanced approach, I can help you find the energy and identity you've lost. It’s time to start nurturing your body and soul again.






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Christal Dixon

Certified Yoni Steam Practitioner

My mission is to help others overcome their obstacles in life and career by demonstrating the endless possibilities in my own Voyage. Life deals us a hand of cards and we must learn how to play or stay stuck. I never wanted to believe this. I instead believed there must be a fair and just way to live in creation.


My childhood was full of adversity yet I managed to overcome many obstacles and climb the corporate ladder with 2 small children in tow.  My passion to change the direction of my legacy was fueled by fear and anger. Challenges would affect my career, but more importantly my relationships. Worldly success wasn’t enough. I started practicing yoga and searching for balance in all areas of life. My self-worth has positively developed, and arrogance has nearly diminished.

I currently enjoy the patience and peace I see and experience it myself with my grandchildren. It’s unbelievable how time heals things. I would attribute that to lots of prayer, yoga, and a few hard knocks! I love to travel, even alone, and look forward to seeing more of this creation.





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Christi Pegues

Special Guest

Yoga Instructor

Twenty years ago, after experiencing a difficult, unexpected life change, a good friend and avid yogini encouraged me to try yoga.  I immediately felt the physical and emotional benefit and realized I wanted to share this gift with others. I was trained by Don and Amba Stapleton at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Guanacaste, Costa Rica in 2007. I have a 200 hour Interdisciplinary yoga teacher certification with an emphasis on self awakening and flow. I have trained with Shakta Kaur Khalsa and certified in Radiant Child Yoga Levels 1 and 2. I am currently in the process of completing 100 vinyasa  hours with Allison Butler-Kublakov with BEE Well Yoga in Rogers.

I currently teach Chair Yoga, Slow Flow and Yin, Mat, Restore at Firefly Yoga and Reiki in Bella Vista. My goal as a teacher is to make yoga challenging, yet fun and accessible for everyone. Yoga can be a very healing and meditative practice that brings your awareness to the present moment, slows your breath and connects you to your inner self. It can be used as a tool to find your truth by connecting to your inner wisdom, your intuition and the light that shines within you to use as guides on your own personal path. I am a true believer that your body holds onto experiences both positive and negative, and yoga helps you to process and release what you need in order to be your best self physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

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Special Guest





Meet & Greet

Ice Breaker

Group Breakout Sessions

Yin Yoga with Special Guest, Christi Pegues

Guided V Steam Session

Health & Life Coaching Session



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Ice Bath Demo

Receive Personalized Meditations

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The Venue



The Voya Spot

3201 S Market St. #201

Rogers, AR 72758

Hidden Directly Above Bonefish

The Voya Spot name is derived from the term "voyage". We're committed to being a part of a woman's voya to discover and reignite self-love and self-care.


We have lots of new & exciting things happening soon at The Voya Spot. Our goal is to become the 1st & Only one-stop shop for all things women's self-care in NW Arkansas.


As such, we are ready to open our doors to a select group of VIPs to give them the ultimate retreat experience. 

The Venue
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